Russian Ministry website reportedly hacked


Russia’s Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities website hacked.

Russia’s Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities website was reportedly hacked, with an internet search for the site leading to a “Glory to Ukraine” sign in Ukrainian.

RIA, Russia’s state news agency reported that a ministry representative revealed that the site was down, but users’ personal data was not impacted.

According to RIA, the hackers alleged to have demanded a ransom to prevent the disclosure of personal data to the public.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, several Russian state-owned companies and news organizations have suffered attacks in recent months.

In February, state-owned news agency TASS and daily newspaper Kommersant were hacked. In May, Russia’s television listings system was hacked during ‘Victory Day.’ The hack affected several major networks, including Channel One, Rossiya-1 and NTV-Plus.

The hacktivist group Anonymous also announced on social media that it is launching a cyber-war against the pro-Russian group Killnet, which recently attacked European institutions.

In March, the hacktivist group claimed to have breached the database of the Russian federal agency responsible for the supervision of communications, information technology and mass media, leaking over 360,000 files in the process.


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