Neopets data breach exposes data of 69 million users


Virtual pet website Neopets has suffered a data breach that resulted in the theft of source code and a database containing the personal information of more than 69 million members.

Neopets is a popular website where members can own, raise, and play games with their virtual pets. Neopets recently launched NFTs that will be used as part of an online Metaverse game.

A hacker known as ‘TarTarX’ began to sell the source code and database for the website for four bitcoins, worth approximately $94,000.

TarTarX says that they stole the database and approximately 460MB (compressed) of source code for the website.

The seller claims that this database contains the account information of over 69 million members, and the data includes members’ usernames, names, email addresses, zip code, date of birth, gender, country, an initial registration email, and other site/game-related information.

The hacker however did not reveal how they gained access to the website.

After the news of the breach spread online, the Neopets team has confirmed on the unofficial Neopets Discord server that they are aware of the security incident and working to resolve it.

The users are suggested to change the password of other sites if the same Neopets password is used on them as well.


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