Somalia Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (SomCERT/CC) is the first national/governmental CERT in Somalia. In May 2019, SomCERT/CC was formed as a section/unit of the Cyber Security Department by the National Communications Authority (NCA) with the objective of securing Somalia’s cyberspace and providing an official point of contact to handle cybersecurity incidents in the Somali Internet community.

SomCERT/CC provides cybersecurity incident handling, promoting cybersecurity awareness, as well as coordinating cybersecurity issues. SomCERT/CC collaborates with government agencies, organizations, academia, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and other relevant entities to handle cybersecurity incidents in Somalia and various cybersecurity initiatives worldwide and it will provide timely warning, support, and advisories to all constituents from public and private sectors in preventing and handling cybersecurity incidents.

SomCERT/CC is a full and active member of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation – Computer Emergency Response Teams (OIC-CERT). SomCERT/CC has very close cooperation with the Arab Regional Cyber Security Center (ARCC), AfricaCERT, and International Telecommunications Union (ITU).


  • To improve the security of Somalia’s cyberspace through proactive prevention and
    effective actions as well as increasing cybersecurity awareness campaign.
  • To determine, assess, analyze, develop, and provide response and solutions to
    Online/Internet Community.


  • To provide reliable protection to our nation.
  • To secure and save the cyberspace of Somalia.
  • To reduce cybersecurity incidents to the internet users in Somalia.
  • Proactive Contribution in securing Somalia’s cyberspace.
  • To maximize the security of the online community within the nation.


  • Serve as a trusted focal point of contact
  • Provide 24/7 service
  • Collect, Analyze, and manage cybersecurity incidents at the nation level
  • Provide alerts and facilitate exchanges for effective management of cyber incidents.
  • Promote and assist in the implementation of business continuity plans and contingency.
  • Build and assist on cybersecurity training, education, and awareness programs
  • Promoting Research and Development (R&D) in cybersecurity
  • Collaborate with national, regional, and international CERTs.
  • Conduct periodic/annual reports and statistics on cybersecurity incidents.