About COP

ITU launched the Child Online Protection (COP) Initiative in November 2008 as a multi-stakeholder effort within the Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) framework. The initiative brings together partners from all sectors of the global community to create a safe and empowering secure online experience for children around the world. Uganda through UCC in partnership with ITU is implementing this COP initiative.

COP main objectives are as follows:

•Identification of risks and vulnerabilities to children in cyberspace

•Creation of awareness among policymakers, industry, parents and educators as well as the children

•Development of practical tools to help minimize risk

•Sharing knowledge and experience

The internet offers an exciting world of experiences for children and the whole family. It can be entertaining, educational, and rewarding. However, using the internet also involves risks and challenges.
Children in Uganda are exposed to content that is sexually explicit, violent, prohibited, or even illegal. They may also experience cyberbullying or be at risk from contact by strangers.
Children may – unknowingly or deliberately – share personal information without realizing they may be subject to identity theft, or that they are leaving behind content that might not reflect well on them in the future.
By taking an active role in talking with your kids about the risks and answering their questions or concerns about something that they find on the Internet you can help them stay safer online.