Balancing security & agility in today’s networks is a continuous effort


The recent pandemic fundamentally altered enterprise operations in many ways. The unforeseen and rapid onset of the pandemic presented challenges for which few enterprises were prepared. Chief among these challenges was the mass migration of workers from offices to their homes. Enterprise network and security teams were suddenly tasked with delivering secure, reliable access to sensitive enterprise resources to home networks they could neither see nor control.

Balancing security and agility is a continuous effort: Enterprises constantly strive to deliver the speed and agility required to remain competitive, while simultaneously ensuring the level of security necessary to protect the enterprise from an increasingly diverse threat landscape. In the early days of the pandemic, when not just the productivity, but the health and safety of the workforce was in question, agility often trumped security. Even in retrospect, it is difficult to find fault in these decisions. However, as the dust of the pandemic settles, many enterprises have been left with potentially unsecure network configurations, the result of changes made rapidly and outside of normal change control processes.


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