Attackers publish Beeline’s Jira database, exposing customers


US-based software company Beeline had its database posted on a popular hacking forum, exposing employee and customer data.

The attacker posted a database containing 1.5GB of Beeline’s data, which was supposedly stolen from Beeline’s Jira account.

Jira is an issue-tracking software developed by Atlassian for bug-tracking and project management activities. Meanwhile, Beeline runs a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business focused on sourcing and managing the workforce.

Attackers behind the announcement claim the database contains Beeline’s customer data, such as their first and last names, Beeline usernames, role in the company, and other data. The post on a hacker forum indicates the data was taken on February 25.

The data sample includes Beeline customers such as Amazon, Credit Suisse, 3M, Boeing, BMW, Daimler, JPMorgan Chase, McDonalds, The Bank of Montreal, and others.

We contacted Beeline via the company’s marketing email but did not receive a reply before going to press.

Cybernews researchers investigated the sample data posted on the forum, surmising that the leak included legitimate company data.

Some screenshots that attackers included in the forum post have file types written in Russian, indicating that whoever uploaded the images might be using an operating system with it set as the default language.

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