Month: June 2024

Microsoft Alerts More Customers to Email Theft in Expanding Midnight Blizzard Hack

Shockwaves from the Russian government’s hack of Microsoft’s corporate infrastructure continue to spread with news that the software giant is notifying surprised customers that their emails were also stolen by the Midnight Blizzard hackers. The mega-breach, which led to a US government investigation and a massive overhaul of Microsoft’s security practices, was previously known to expose Microsoft source code […]
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VMware Issues Patches for Cloud Foundation, vCenter Server, and vSphere ESXi

VMware has released updates to address critical flaws impacting Cloud Foundation, vCenter Server, and vSphere ESXi that could be exploited to achieve privilege escalation and remote code execution. The list of vulnerabilities is as follows – CVE-2024-37079 & CVE-2024-37080 (CVSS scores: 9.8) – Multiple heap-overflow vulnerabilities in the implementation of the DCE/RPC protocol that could allow a bad actor […]
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Apple Patches Vision Pro Vulnerability Used in Possibly ‘First Ever Spatial Computing Hack’

Apple on Monday updated visionOS, the operating system powering its Vision Pro virtual reality headset, to version 1.2, which addresses several vulnerabilities, including what may be the first security flaw that is specific to this product. visionOS 1.2 patches nearly two dozen vulnerabilities. However, a vast majority of them are in components that visionOS shares […]
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TikTok Zero-Day, DMM Bitcoin Hack, Free VPN App Analysis

SEC cyber disclosures delayed in several cases The SEC requires companies to disclose material breaches within four business days, but the government can request delays for national security or public safety reasons. The WSJ reported that the government has delayed the public disclosure of cyber incidents several times since the rules came into effect in December 2023. TikTok zero-day […]
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Microsoft Warns of Surge in Cyber Attacks Targeting Internet-Exposed OT Devices

Microsoft has emphasized the need for securing internet-exposed operational technology (OT) devices following a spate of cyber attacks targeting such environments since late 2023. “These repeated attacks against OT devices emphasize the crucial need to improve the security posture of OT devices and prevent critical systems from becoming easy targets,” the Microsoft Threat Intelligence team said. […]
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