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ShadowSyndicate: A New Cybercrime Group Linked to 7 Ransomware Families

Cybersecurity experts have shed light on a new cybercrime group known as ShadowSyndicate (formerly Infra Storm)...

Are You Willing to Pay the High Cost of Compromised Credentials?

Weak password policies leave organizations vulnerable to attacks. But are the standard password complexity...

New Apple Zero-Days Exploited to Target Egyptian ex-MP with Predator Spyware.

The three zero-day flaws addressed by Apple on September 21, 2023, were leveraged as part of...

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China Accuses U.S. of Decade-Long Cyber Espionage Campaign Against Huawei Servers

China's Ministry of State Security (MSS) has accused the U.S. of breaking into Huawei's servers, stealing critical data, and implanting backdoors since 2009, amid...

Financially Motivated UNC3944 Threat Actor Shifts Focus to Ransomware Attacks

The financially motivated threat actor known as UNC3944 is pivoting to ransomware deployment as part of an expansion to its monetization strategies, Mandiant has revealed. "UNC3944 has...

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