Highlights and Updates

Hive Ransomware Gang Hits 1,300 Businesses, Makes $100 Million

The Hive ransomware gang has victimized more than 1,300 businesses, receiving over $100 million...

Google Pays $70k for Android Lock Screen Bypass

Tracked as CVE-2022-20465, the security bug was resolved as part of the November 2022 Android...

Twitter Logs Out Some Users Due to Security Issue Related to Password Resets

Twitter said on Wednesday that some users have been logged out of their active...

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Alerts and Tips

Microsoft Warns of Cybercrime Group Delivering Royal Ransomware, Other Malware

A threat actor tracked as DEV-0569 and known for the distribution of various malicious payloads was recently observed updating its delivery methods, Microsoft warns. DEV-0569 has...

Twitter account data of 5.4 million users exposed

Account data of 5.4 million users on sale for $30k. Twitter has suffered a data breach in which the threat actors used a vulnerability to...

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